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We're stuck in lock-down here in Girona, as so many of you around the world are too!!


However we can still visit the post-office to ship your orders; so why not give us a reason to take a stroll outside and treat yourself to a BUCK!T belt, custom-sized for you, at 50% OFF and at the same time you'll be helping this eco-business survive these difficult times!

Just think how it will brighten your day when the doorbell rings and the postman has a package for you!?


For general health safety, you do not currently need to sign for packages in most locations. It is also generally accepted that the coronavirus does not last longer than 24 hours on card / paper, so you have no risk to yourself in receiving a package. Plus, we wash our hands 20+ times a day here and don't touch anything outside of our house, so you can shop with confidence! :P