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buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre belts
16th October 2014

We are very excited to announce that BUCK!T belts will soon be available in Paul Smith!


With over 40 years in the industry, Paul Smith personifies the quirky-edged smartness of British fashion. He is well known in cycling circles too, thanks to his life-long affection for the sport; seen through his collaborations with Rapha, his designs for this year's Giro d'Italia leader's jerseys and even his own range of Paul Smith cycling wear: 531


Falling neatly in the overlap between cycling and fashion, Paul seemed a person likely to appreciate a BUCK!T belt, so we dropped a special one off for him at his London office...


The result? He loved it!


A range of BUCK!T belts go on sale this month in selected Paul Smith stores in London, UK

Paul Smith is a BUCK!T fan!
10th November 2014

As cyclists, we've all got happy memories of particular rides we've done.

For me it's cycling the length of Africa with a friend; for some it's completing their first Ironman . . . what would it be for you?


To help you hold onto these memories, we're pleased to officially launch our latest product; the custom BUCK!T belt - a wearable memory of your ride!


We will take your tyre and fashion it into a stylish belt that you can wear for years to come. Go for the delux version, incorporating stitched detail on the keeper to illustrate a particular climb or the elevation-profile of your event or whatever you have in mind!


Get in touch with us for our shipping address and let's get started!

Custom belts now available

Of course there's still a chance orders will make it to Europe or the USA, but don't forget that you can always buy (posted or home-printable) gift-vouchers if you've left it too late or just don't know what to get someone!


Merry Christmas from Craig & Jamaica

11th December 2014

It's that mad time of year...everyone's rushing around to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. After 24 market-hours this past weekend (just as crazy as those shoppers!?), we are now busy getting all of your online orders sent out...phew!


If you're in Australia (or New Zealand) you'll still be fine ordering online; and we're offering a FREE upgrade to Express Post on all AU orders, just to make sure!


The silly-season is upon us!
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