buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre belts

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After supplying belts to some of the professional riders in the peleton, it was time to return to our studio to build up some more belt-stock.


With more than 50 belts available in the online store, and selling regularly from our favourite local café - Red Berry Espresso - we decided it was now time to start stocking BUCK!T belts in some other locations.


Sooooo....we are very excited to announce that you can now buy BUCK!T belts at Treadly Bike Shop in Ebenezer Place, central Adelaide! Please pop in and support Sam's independant shop, filled with fun, shiny, bike-related things.


With growing interest, there will be more stockists coming soon...

20th June 2013
Busy in the workshop...

With the 100th Tour de France départ this weekend, Adelaidians have shown great interest in some of the belts with a French touch at Treadly Bike Shop!


So we quickly got to work and turned out a few more with "FRANCE" on the keeper. (Not so easy to do, as not that many tyres are still made in France!)

Hurry along to Treadly to get yours before they're all gone!


We've also teamed up with ex-Tour de France pro cyclist Patrick Jonker, who will be wearing some colourful BUCK!T belts, as he guides cycling fans visiting the amazing race and all of it's spectacular scenery. Look out for photos to come...

28th June 2013
Vive le Tour de France!
buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre and tubular belts
buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre and tubular belts
21st July 2013

BUCK!T bicycle tyre belts start out a bit worn, covered in dirt, seeming to have outlived their useful lives...then we get them cleaned up and reinvent them to impress you and your friends with their stylish class! (Well, at least we think that's the story and we're sticking to it!)


Anyhow, after all the recent dirt being dished up from cycling's not so distant past, couldn't we all do with something clean and guilt-free...like an eco-friendly upcycled bicycle tyre belt!?


We're excited to announce that The Bike Station in Hove (Adelaide, AU) is now stocking BUCK!T belts! They've now got a wide selection of belt styles, textures and colours at their well-stocked show-room on the Brighton Road - go on, pop-in!



Now at 'The Bike Station'
buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre and tubular belts
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