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IDbelts . . . because sometimes life gives you lemons!
Order yourself a watch-belt now...



Order yourself a watch-belt now...
Order yourself a watch-belt now...

laser buckle

Order yourself a watch-belt now...

You wear a helmet every time you ride your bike; just in case you fall off. Of course you hope it never happens, but if it does, you know that you're prepared!


So if things don't work out according to plan, and you're wearing a BUCK!T ID-belt - at least you'll know that people can contact your loved ones to let them know what's happened to you!


Available in 20mm (3 lines of text*) and 22mm (4 lines of text*) with matching stainless-steel, snap-lock buckle


Black and selected colours available with solid or punched finish (for a lighter, airier wristbelt in the summer heat!)



20 / 22mm

Here are some of the details that go into making your BUCK!T ID-wristbelt:

custom laser etched text*

stainless-steel snap-lock buckle

upcycled tyre wristbelt

1. Each buckle is custom laser-etched; so that an emergency responder has your name, address & emergency contact details

    (Once we receive your order, we'll contact you to confirm your buckle-details & show you a mockup before completion.


2. Stainless-steel snap-lock buckle makes the ID-wristbelt easy to get on/off; hardwearing, and a low allergic response-rate


3. Each wristbelt is carefully handmade for you; with one end securely stitched into place and the other adjustable in length!


* Usually, the lettering on your IDbelt will be:




However, you're welcome to customise it as you wish, with a favourite saying/quote or even a peice of prose!

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