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buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre belts
BARbag : Our latest MICROproduct
reinventing the handlebar-bag in sustainable materials

Constantly tested, improved and refined; BARbag is now available to order in three sizes, lots of finishes and a variety of upgrades, add-ons + extras!

Follow the menu links below to read more about the details and options; or click on the order link if you already know what you want!

from 85€ miniBARbag* (1.4 litre)

from 95€ UWminiBARbag* (1.9 litre)

from 110€ BARbag* (2.4 litre)

*standard finish, no customisation, no extras

ie. an UWminiBARbag with end-pocket in upgraded finish ~ 110€ 


note: All images are indicative - the appearance of your BARbag may vary due to the available materials and differences in tyres

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What is it?


BARbag : What is it?

BARbag is a compact handlebar-bag; handmade my us from ~90% UPcycled materials; using upcycled tubular / tubeless tyres (and other bicycle parts) combined with quality new materials (zip + velcro + ripstop) and attaches easily to all shapes of handlebar (road, gravel and MTB), providing extra storage and freeing up your pockets!


BARbag is currently available in three sizes: 1.4 , 1.9 and 2.4 litres (click for a sizing chart)

(please note that sizing does vary ever so slightly due to tyre-stock and hand-production)


BUCK!T is essentially a one-man-factory! Apart from our labels and fabric-tape; all the other parts are prepared, combined and finished by Craig himself; including the packaging! This means that we can only produce a certain quantity of items each week, especially as these bags require a lot of work to complete!


Where possible, our BARbags are batch processed chronologically (ie. several bags made simultaneously); which improves manufacturing efficiency and reduces errors in the construction process.


As with all our products, we look to adjust and improve construction details, material choices and sewing techniques as time passes. For this reason, some of the details of your BARbag may be different to what you've seen in some photos. Rest assured, any change is for the better and not to just to reduce costs and construction time, as with so many other companies! 

Improvements to date include: multiple improvements to the main zip detailing + zip-garage; upgraded lining fabric specification (stronger, higher abrasion-resistance, more waterproof) now also included in all bag styles; added internal zipped pocket to all bag models; improved attachment-strap materials and construction; improved end-panel attachment; improved sewing techniques. 


BARbag : Product Features

tubular / tubeless tyre main body construction providing integrated structure and superior strength

(various finishes available depending on availability - see FAQs *)

 NEW: Poly, HyperD (300) ripstop lining  (now fitted to all barbags!)

(Previously only fitted to less waterproof tubulars; this lining ensures a plush finish and keeps your bag's contents cleaner and in good shape!)

 NEW: internal, zipped mesh-pocket  (now fitted to all barbags!)

(Keep small items separated and accessible when your bag is stuffed full of items!)

upholstery quality, poly-cotton stitching with all ends knotted + sewn off

(we don't use reverse-stitching, as it can unravel in time!)

heavy-duty, butyl inner-tube end-panels / pockets

matte-finish, waterproof zipper (HHH quality zipper sewn in with our carefully developed flat-ends-detail to ensure easy on-bike use; zip-bumper/garage + easy-grab rubber puller in complementary finish to match your bag's tyre choice)

two secure straps with double-back, velcro-fastening to ensure a firm + secure fitting to your handlebar; whether you have exposed cables or not!

sewn on rubber BUCK!T label for an easy-wipe finish and a sophisticated look - show your support for upcycling and the BUCK!T eco-brand, recognised worldwide ;)

external pocket (optional extra) is a great place to store emergency gels or your face-mask for the café-stop!

Product Features

BARbag : Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a BARbag?

Click on the contact us tab (or use the message us bubble on the side of this page) and provide us with your email address and shipping destination. We will then send you a link to our BARbag questionnaire!

How do I choose the finish of my BARbag?

We will send you a survey, where you can choose your finish and optional extras or add-ons. Available finishes include roadCX / gravel treads (tubular and/or tubeless) with further rare / unusual options at additional cost

 NEW click through here for a gallery of bags we've made so far... 

What can I fit into my BARbag?

Like all of our products, BARbag is designed to be compact, while still fitting a lot inside.

Here is an idea of what you can fit in each size...

miniBARbag ~18cm long x ~10cm diameter (~1.4 litres) 

Fits: lightweight gilet, buff, arm- & knee-warmers + even some light, full-finger gloves!

UWminiBARbag  ~22cm long x ~10cm diameter (~1.9 litres) 

Fits: lightweight rain cape, buff, arm- & knee-warmers, full-finger gloves + snacks!

BARbag ~22cm long x ~12cm diameter (~2.4 litres)

Fits: rain-cape, gilet, buff, warmers, gloves and still have space left for extra food!

note: careful packing of well-folded / rolled clothing items will result in a larger capacity. Quickly stuffing in garments may mean you fit less in your bag! ;)

Cycling a Grand Fondo / Sportive? Looking to carry more clothing than your BARbag can fit?

Then make sure to get a cargo-net to go with your bag - this attaches when needed to the outside of your BARbag, allowing you to easily store a jacket or other larger clothing item that won't fit in your bag. cargo-net is far superior to those annoying elasticated cords on our competitors' bags, both in capacity and security; and is well worth the extra cost if you're looking to carry more clothing on particular days.

Can I access my BARbag while I'm moving?

YES! I do so regularly when I am out riding, though ease of use will depend on how just much you're carrying at the time! Unlike our competitors, we use a flat-zip-end detail rather than the zip bending at the end-seams. This means that the zip operates easily and cleanly, even under load and will also not fail over time due to being bent. BARbag is also designed for easy access while sitting on your bike, so stop to pack/unpack if you're in doubt. Please do take care doing this on the move and ensure you have good control of your bicycle at all times!

Is BARbag waterproof?

The main body of BARbag is generally* made from rubberised tyres + heavy duty butyl inner-tube, making it 99% waterproof; though as this is a product made with upcycled materials, it cannot be fully guaranteed in torrential rain!


 NEW: All of our BARbags are now lined with a  heavy-duty (300D) waterproof rip-stop product* 

This will ensure that your possessions are as well protected, as possible!

A high-quality, HHH waterproof zip* (with rubber zip-garage) completes the external shell.

* our waterproof linings + zips are all sourced from a well-established outdoor equipment trade supplier

What extra options or features available for my BARbag?

end-pocket is a punched rubber external-pocket at one end of your bag - perfect for gels or even your mask!

soft-pouch is a zipped, soft-shell bag to keep phones or other precious items safe inside your BARbag 

zip-pod is a clam-shaped, zipped pod that tucks neatly into one end of your bag (perfect as a tool- or firstaid-kit!)

cargo-net is a lightweight, removable net that attaches to the outside of your bag when you know you'll need even more space (available for all three bag sizes; perfect for stashing a rain-jacket or gilet in a sportive!)

We also offer saddlebags (in two sizes) that can be made to match your barbag order


If you have any specific requests or ideas you would like added to your BARbag, please do let us know . . . 

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