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2nd November 2018

A little while back we were commissioned by Max Broby (Explorateur.cc) to make him some bicycle tyre accessories...out of which our latest creation was born!

The Designer Edition belt is handmade from Vittoria Corsa tubular tyres collected from the professional teams at the Tour Downunder, here in Adelaide where we live.

What sets this apart from our other belts, is the stitched detailing. The keeper and edges of the belt are made by folding the gum-walls double and stitching them flat with the same strong polycotton we use to make our range of wallets.

The result is a very luxurious and supple belt with a distinct tailored look + feel; while still maintaining a weight at it's edges, so that it performs as a leather belt would; but is in fact much better in so many ways . . . . . . go on, treat yourself today!!

9th February 2019

We launched our Designer Edition belts with a Vittoria Corsa tubular version, made originally for Max Broby of Explorateur.cc

Since then we've had so many requests for this style of belt (both from shops and customers) that we had to expand the range to offer you more options!

These handmade belts are now available in Specialized S-WORKS (with silver stitching), Vittoria CX (with orange stitching) and most recently added, Continental PRO-LTD (with yellow stitching) - all made using tubular tyres collected from the Pro-Tour Professional Cycling Teams.

Grab yourself a belt worn by the likes of Steve Morabito (Swiss Road Champion), Gary Blem (personal mechanic to Chris Froome) and many ProTour riders/mechanics!

BUCK!T team-issue MICROcard wallet
8th March 2019

We've sponsored CX, roller-racing and most recently, NCC's Tuesday Night Criteriums; but this is the first time that BUCK!T is sponsoring a cycling team!

We're very proud to announce our partnership with Appselec - Butterfields p/b Van D'am racing - an U25 National Road Series team of 12 young riders.

Their first product is a team-edition MICROcard wallet, featuring a punched "VDr" logo + personalised ICE (In Case of Emergency) card with contact details.

Several of the team have also opted to wear an IDbelt - an upcycled bicycle-tyre band, combined with a laser-etched*, stainless-steel, snap-lock buckle.

* The buckle has their name, DOB and ICE contact details within easily access!


Girona looks onto the river...


Shop rides out of Girona

Torre de L'Home

An EPIC ride up a mountain!


Spring in Catalunya


Quiet roads for cycling


Cycling through the farmlands


Gravel adventures to be had


So many trees!


A trip over into France


Exploring the forrests



8th March 2019

From Cape Town to London to Adelaide and now...GIRONA, Catalunya!

Moving your life and business half way around the world isn't an easy task, or a decision made lightly...but it's what we decided to do regardless! :)

This means that all shipping + manufacturing has been on hold for the past few months, due to resume in late September - you can take advantage of a healthy 20% discount code if you order now and patiently wait for us to get set up! :)

Use adelaide2GIRONA for 20% OFF your next order

Meanwhile, we're exploring what Catalunya has to offer by bike and on foot, from our base in the north of the Barri Vell...

                                                                      Thanks for your support, Craig + Jamaica

a MICROwallet at Gruppetto Café
3rd December 2019

Well...we've moved into our own apartment in the Barri Vell; our boxes have (finally) arrived from Australia; there's been some serious unpacking; we've set-up the BUCK!T studio and plowed through all the orders that were placed while we were "tools-down". 

SInce then, we've been hard at work producing a wide range of MICROwallets* for the wonderful (and patient!) people of Gruppetto Café in Luxembourg. Paul and Alex have set up a wonderfully cosy environment that is bike-friendly and supports many small businesses like ours as well - go and check them out when you're in town!

* MICROkey, MINImicro, MICRO, MICROclip, JRwallets and microCLIPplus!

We're on the look-out for a more permanent studio location for BUCK!T in the Barri Vell, so if you know of anything available to rent, please get in touch...

H A N D S L I N G  vs  B U C K ! T
 December 2019

Christmas came early this year, thanks to Simon Whiten of HANDSLING Bikes!!

A project of some 5 months in the making, this frame was the first 58cm version of Handsling's A10evo aero-disc-frame to come out of the factory, and was custom painted with colours and a design that I selected, including a line of Català on the top-tube to express my feelings on people's rights to freedom of choice.

More than just my first completely new bicycle in 12 years; this project sits at the overlapping point between my world as a designer/maker for BUCK!T and my personal world as a life-long cyclist: CRAIGridesBIKESinGIRONA

I probably wrote it best the first time (which the app lost!); and still better the second time than I would here, so pop over to my instagram feed to read the full post...

 27th March 2020

We've prototyped it; refined the details; sourced the best materials and thoroughly field-tested our latest creation: B A R b a g

There are two sizes to choose from and multiple finish choices* as well as a host of extras* + add-ons* - all depending on how many people sign up.

The more support we get from YOU the more options we can offer...

So, head on over to our Kickstarter-styled PRE-ORDER page now to choose which size you want: lowest prices / earliest shipping for those that get in quickly!


note: BARbag finish choices, add-ons + extras will be available to choose at the end of the pre-order period, when we send you an email questionnaire prior to starting manufacture the first batch of BARbags

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