Who is BUCK!T...?

Hi! We're Craig & Jamaica, and we run this bicycle-based, eco-business in Girona (SPAIN)

We produce handmade products from a variety of upcycled bicycle parts, tyres and tubulars of all colours, styles and descriptions!


We travel absolutely everywhere by foot or bicycle and don't own a car, never have!

Wherever possible we use sustainable methods, products and materials. 

The tyres we use are donated by Pro-Team mechanics, customers / fans and our local bicycle shops - every belt is one less tyre in landfill! 


If you live in Girona and have tyres to donate, please click here for more information...


belt- / watch- strap is made from used and/or defective bicycle tyres or tubulars

wallet bodies are made from tubular tyres, with inner-tube pockets inside

string for tags and pendants is from tyre side-walls & elastics are cut from old inner-tubes
envelopes & cards are all made using 100% recycled paper (post-consumer waste)

wallet boxes + presentation cards (eg. watchbelts) are made with upcycled card

belt- / watch-buckles are sourced locally or within the EU

chainlinks (for earrings) are new and are extra links discarded when fitting a new chain

Prior to assembly / manufacture, the upcycled materials are cleaned using eco cleaning products & good old fashioned elbow-grease!

Our materials...

As most* of these tyres have been ridden on streets, through parks and down singletrack; they may contain small debris like glass, grit, thorns, etc. Although we inspect & scrub each one thoroughly prior to sale, we can't guarantee to have removed every offending stowaway.


*Almost all BUCK!T belts are made from used bicycle tyres or tubulars. However, a small number are made from defective tyres returned to suppliers. In both cases they are tyres saved from land-fill!

Note: BUCK!T is in no way aligned or connected to any bicycle tyre manufacturer(s).

All tyre manufacturer's names and trademarks remain the property of those respective companies.

A note from our 'legal' department...
How do I know what size belt to order?

Most of our belts are cut to length to suit your order, though some have already finished to a specific size.

Our belts are sized according to your waist measurement - ie. the jeans / trousers​ size that you take.

Each belt has six holes punched in it, giving you a range in size of 5inch / 12cm (eg. 32-37" / 81-94cm)

We will size your belt so that there are a couple of holes either side of your sizing.

So, If you wear jeans with a waist of 32inch, then order a 32inch (32") belt *


*** LADIES, please note the following to avoid dissapointment:

If you plan to wear your new BUCK!T belt on your hips, then please provide us with your hip-measurement (or more accurately, one taken at the level that the belt will sit at), rather than your jeans sizing, which usually refers to your waist measurement and will result in a belt that is too small!    If in doubt, feel free to drop us a line . . .


How do I order a belt?​

Browse through the belts in stock, choose the one(s) you like and add them to your shopping cart.

Note: You can filter the available belts by type or colour to make your choice easier.

When you order, make sure you let us know what size each belt needs to be finished to.

Checkout & pay using your PayPal account or a VISA or MASTERCARD credit or debit card.

(All our payments are processed using a verified PayPal Merchant account - a trusted and secure payment portal)

We will usually ship the belt(s) within three days of your payment. 


Do you make custom orders?​

Of course! We have made many custom belts, wallets, ID-belts and watchbelts over the years!

These are either made from our own stock of tyres OR for a special request or occasion, or we can turn your own tyre(s) into a wearable memory of an event or race that you took part in. We can even do custom keepers with stitched detail to illustrate a climb or course you've ridden. We love a challenge, so put it to us...!

What are your shipping options & conditions?


Please note that our shipping costs / options are under full review, following our relocation to Spain.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS will be usually shipped Economy Airmail* (no tracking)


In over seven years of trading, not a single order has gone missing in the post!

If you would prefer shipping with tracking, then please contact us.

Note: Small items (watchbelts, wallets, etc) normally ship as a "letter" and may need to be sent as a "parcel" in order to add a tracking option.

For insurance, please also contact us and we will bill you the additional cost before posting your order to you.

(Please note that it is often possible to ship two or more belts for the same price as one!)

* Please note: BUCK!T is not responsible for any items lost en route

​Some countries may charge import duties and / or VAT (GST) on imported goods. If incurred, these charges will be the responsibility of the customer. Please check with your local customs or postal office for further details.


EUROPEAN ORDERS will be charged and sent as economy post.   

What about returns and/or refunds?

All sales are considered final.

Returns are only accepted for defective or incorrectly shipped items ***
If an item is found to be faulty within 30 days of delivery, please contact us.

 *** When buying a BUCK!T product, you are buying an item handmade from used bicycle tyres and as such; general wear & tear, cuts, holes, discolouration, distortion and imperfections are all part of the finished product and add to the charm & individuality of each item! :)

Frequently Asked Questions....