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Would you like to donate your tyres to us?

The tyres and tubulars we use to make our belts are collected from local bicycle shops and our supporters.

We are always on the lookout for interesting tyres so if you'd like to donate some, please get in touch with us...

and consider the following guidelines:


We're always short on colours!

We welcome ANY coloured tyres; wire-beaded, folding or tubular!

Examples of tyres worth donating:


VITTORIA Corsa Graphene / Speed


VITTORIA Rubino / Zaffiro


CONTINENTAL GP4000 / 5000 (25mm or bigger)

CONTINENTAL Competition / Pro-Ltd tubulars




SCHWALBE Ultremo HT / ONE tubulars

*TUFO Flexus Primus

*SCHWALBE Racing Ralph

*MICHELIN Cyclocross Jet

*FMB CX tubulars

*CHALLENGE tyres / tubulars


When in doubt, just ask us if your tyres are worth donating!


Don't forget that every belt made is one less tyre going into landfill, so help to do your bit.


So...if you have tyres to donate, please drop them off at a participating bike shop (see below) or get in touch with us...


We also accept tyre-donations via post, but regretably cannot offer to pay shipping.

If you want a custom belt made from one of your own tyres, then why not consider including additional tyres to donate?


[We also use broken carbon frames, aluminium parts (cassette lockrings, headset spacers, SHIMANO wheel-spanners, etc) and other bits & pieces that end up in the bin!]


We generally have a fair number of black tyres (especially GP4000s + CORSAs)

However folding tyres with a tread-pattern are great, but no slicks please!

All tubular tyres (road / TT / CX) are welcomed

Some gravel tyres are useful too, if in doubt, message us..



Although road racing / training tyres are the most commonly used for our belts, 

many Gravel or CX tyres / tubulars* make good wallets or belts too!

Commuting tyres with heavy anti-puncture barriers are generally not suitable,

(eg. VITTORIA Randoneurs, MICHELIN City, etc.), unless they're very worn down ;)


Wear & tear can actually make for an interesting belt with a lot more character than a new one;

so if you've skidded the centre right off a tyre we might still want it!

(Look at the puncture-barrier showing through on this belt to the left!)

However, no perished or dried-out tyres please.

If they're cracked or split from excessive sunshine, then they won't make a good belt!

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