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[#318] VITTORIA OPEN PAVE CG 'Pro Series'

[#318] VITTORIA OPEN PAVE CG 'Pro Series'


36mm wide GREEN/BLACK open tubular 'PRO SERIES' handmade upcycled belt with red/white writing at 'tail'

Satin-finished, rectangular buckle
Fine-treaded tyre with medium to heavy wear*

* Please note that the tyres used to make this belt are more worn than in the photograph, hence the reduced price! These were my own tyres for riding gravel roads here in South Australia and have recently been replaced to ensure safety / reliability! :)



Sized to your order ( up to 45" / 115cm waist )

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    Note: Photos are indicative only. Actual tyre may be more or less worn than illustrated. Colours and keeper detail may vary slightly from tyre to tyre.
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