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[P-ZERO] Designer Edition MICROcoin wallet

[P-ZERO] Designer Edition MICROcoin wallet


This bifold MICROcoin wallet is made from tubulars donated to us by team TREK Segafredo's Alex Kirsch of Luxembourg

This wallet presents in a smart card box made from 100% upcycled / recycled card


Featuring 3 x pockets for cards / receipts / notes on the left

1 x COINpocket with secure card / notes pocket behind on the right

The same small footprint + slim fit as our standard MICROwallet!

Pirelli P-ZERO tubular (black with YELLOW branding)
YELLOW stitching detail + tubular-tape pocket detail + COINpocket tab

High strength nylon stitching with hand-knotted & sewn-off ends

Treat yourself or someone special with this slim, sophisticated MICROcoin wallet; knowing that it was handmade from a tyre once ridden by TREK pro-riders!

note: as this wallet is made from upcycled materials, small details and imperfections may vary, making each one unique

  • Details

    Note: Photos are indicative only. Actual tyre used may be more or less worn than illustrated.
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