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MAVIC Yksion CXR belt

MAVIC Yksion CXR belt


36mm BLACK + GREY belt made from a Mavic YKSION CXR bicycle tyre

with MAVIC-branded yellow/red/black keeper & brushed-finish, solid-brass buckle

Graphic tread pattern with funky chevron design reflective edges


A perfect belt for SAFE commuting in jeans at NIGHT!!

Sized to your order ( up to 45" / 115cm waist )

  • Details

    This belt is handmade for you from a used MAVIC Yksion CXR tyre.

    Ideal for someone who commutes by bike in "normal clothes and wants to be seen at night or just likes to add a different touch to going out at night time with the reflective details!

    Note: Photos are indicative only. Actual tyre may be more or less worn than illustrated.

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