ORICA SCOTT MINImicro wallet (kevlar/green)

ORICA SCOTT MINImicro wallet (kevlar/green)

This MINImicro wallet (mk2) is made from tubulars ridden by the ORICA SCOTT Pro-Tour Cycling Team (Collected fro the team mechanic during the 2017 "Tour Downunder" in Adelaide)

Featuring pull-tab card-storage, for easy access to your stash of cards!
2 x inner-tube pockets for cards & notes (folded)

CONTINENTAL 'Pro Ltd' tubular (black patterned tread with brown, kevlar edges)
Black (butyl) + celeste green latex pockets
Black (with yellow stitch) breaker-tape pull-tab
High strength nylon stitching with hand-knotted & sewn-off ends
**Strengthened inside using rip-stop liner from tubulars

Made from the latest Continental racing tubulars ridden by a large number of the Pro Teams. Add to your cool-factor each time you pull this wallet out of your (slim) pocket; knowing that it was once ridden by a PRO!

note: as this wallet is made from upcycled materials, small details and imperfections may vary, making each one unique.
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    Note: Photos are indicative only. Actual tyre used may be more or less worn than illustrated.