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RSLT <Team> MINImicro wallet (black/grey)

RSLT <Team> MINImicro wallet (black/grey)

This MINImicro wallet is made from tubulars ridden by the RADIOSHACK LEOPARD TREK Pro-Tour Cycling Team, from when we first started BUCK!T (Collected from the team mechanic at the "Tour Downunder" in Adelaide, Australia)

ONLY THREE OF THESE MADE using the very last of the tyre scraps we had!

Featuring pull-tab card-storage, for easy access to your stash of cards!
inner-tube pocket for cards & notes (folded)

SCHWALBE Ultremo HT tubular (black with grey edges)
Black (butyl) pocket with "Schwalbe" branding* detail
Cotton tubular breaker-tape used for the pull-tab
High strength nylon stitching with hand-knotted & sewn-off ends

We started BUCK!T in earnest, after making belts for many of the RSLT team, after they visited Adelaide in 2012. A photo went viral on the internet, and we scrambled to make this website and get the business up and running! Add to your cool-factor each time you pull this wallet out of your (slim) pocket; knowing that it was once ridden by a PRO!

*Branding details vary depending on tube-stock available

note: as this wallet is made from upcycled materials, small details and imperfections may vary, making each one unique.
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    Note: Photos are indicative only. Actual tyre used may be more or less worn than illustrated.
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