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saddleBAG (standard size)

saddleBAG (standard size)


This saddleBAG keeps things as MICRO as possible, while still holding your essentials:


* ONE std. road-tube or TWO race / lightweight road-tubes or even ONE lightweight road-tube + a gas cylinder!

Tubular tyre exterior; 2 butyl interior pockets + tube-retainer; rubberised woven-tape fitting with velcro-closure; chunky nylon zip with weather-resistant coating & chainlink puller!

Sewn up with high strength nylon stitching!

approx. size 65 x 100 x 25mm (closed)

note: photos are indicative only; product may differ in detail/finish due to materials. As this bag is made from upcycled materials, small details and imperfections may vary, making each one unique!

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    Note: Photos are indicative only. Actual tyre used may be more or less worn than illustrated.
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