Previous BUCK!T watches - combining pre-loved watch-faces with handmade watchbelts...
These are some of the watches that we've previously put together. They are now proudly owned by customers around the world! We do have a wide range of watch faces in stock, so if you see a watch you like we can always suggest something similar, but as with all our products, each item is generally a one-off!
Contact us about ordering a watch made just for you...

FOSSIL                       SOLD

POLICE                       SOLD

DIESEL                        SOLD

FOSSIL                       SOLD

WENGER                   SOLD

DIESEL                       SOLD

MULTI-DIAL                  SOLD

LAMBRETTA              SOLD


DIESEL                       SOLD

SKAGEN                       SOLD

FOSSIL                       SOLD

FOSSIL                        SOLD

RADIUS                    SOLD

ASPEN                     SOLD


RIPCURL                    SOLD

TIMEX                         SOLD

CASIO                          SOLD

INDUSTRIE                   SOLD

NIXON                       SOLD

SEIKO 5                      SOLD

NIXON                         SOLD


PEBBLE OG                SOLD

SEMPRE                  SOLD

SEIKO 5                     SOLD

EYKI overfly                SOLD

CASIO                         SOLD

SEIKO 5                  SOLD

PULSAR                     SOLD

TIMEX indiglo             SOLD

CASIO 'TdF'            SOLD


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