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BUCK!T watchbelts : handmade straps for your favourite watch!
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Order yourself a watch-belt now...


Order yourself a watch-belt now...



Order yourself a watch-belt now...



Order yourself a watch-belt now...


Also available in 38/40 or 42/44mm Apple Watch fitting; using precision-made, stainless-steel connectors***

We use only the best quality tyres & tubulars (eg. VITTORIA Corsa Graphene, VREDESTEIN Fortezza, etc.) to achieve a flat, supple strap that is comfortable to wear but tough too! We combine this with stainless steel fittings (chicago-screws, quality buckles + secondary keepers from upcycled spoke) to produce a rust-proof design that adds texture and character to your watch so that you stand out from the crowd!

Available in a wide variety of widths*, in black (wide range of textures or slick) & colours or colour/black combinations

(click the button above to see swatches of all the available colours + textures)

Please note: photos are for illustration purposes only.

Actual watch strap details may vary according to your order / requirements; watch-faces not included

*    Some widths are available as custom orders and may be subject to delay and/or additional costs

**   Availability of colours may vary; and some colours will cost more dependant on rarity.

*** We typically stock the stainless-steel connectors (38/40 + 42/44mm); other colour connectors may incur a delay

A lot of detail goes into our watchbelts in order to make them smart, functional and comfortable to wear...

1. Double-countersunk buckle-fitting ensures a slim, flush & comfortable junction; as do the thinned-out spring-pin junctions

2. Stainless-steel buckles + chicago-screws + secondary keepers are smart, rust-free, long-lasting; with low allergic response

3. Each watchbelt is handmade to a high standard of finish, taking more than twice as long to complete as one of our belts!

watchbelt details

Examples of some of the custom watchbelts we've made...


straight strap for Tissot 'Touch'


cuff-strap for Russian tank commander's watch


interchangeable straps for VITTORINOX 'seaplane' watch


flared fitting to Ripcurl watch

1. countersunk buckle fixing

2. flush-fit chicago-screw detail

3. side-wall keeper detail

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