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buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre belts
buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre belts

Welcome to the home of BUCK!T upcycled bicycle tyre accessories...

We'd love to hear from you - please contact us to arrange a drop-off . . . 
" W e ' l l   t u r n  y o u r   r u b b i s h . . . . . i n t o  w e a r a b l e   a r t ! "
All of our products feature upcycled bicycle tires and tubulars that have been donated by shops, Pro-Teams and customers
note: We are located in Girona, SPAIN
(updated 29.09.22)

Best wallet I've ever owned! - Sam Bush, USA  (click here to read more customer's comments...)

 29th Sept 2022

With all of the attention our collaboration with Panaracer has gained, we're pleased to now offer a wider range of GKSK colourways for your custom bar- and saddle-bags.

We currently have cream, green, bordeaux, purple, black and brown in stock.

What helps to make BUCK!T unique is the small-batch, custom order process.

You get to choose every detail of your order - including the sizing, pockets, tyre-finish, optional matching saddlebag and a host of other accessories to compliment your bags!

We even provide you with a progress page so you can see how your order is going!

But don't take too long to decide because many of these tyres are in limited supply...

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