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buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre belts

Welcome to the home of BUCK!T upcycled bicycle tyre accessories...

Best wallet I've ever owned! - Sam Bush, USA  (click here to read more customer's comments...)

buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre belts
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" W e ' l l   t u r n  y o u r   r u b b i s h . . . . . i n t o  w e a r a b l e   a r t ! "
All of our products feature upcycled bicycle tires and tubulars that have been donated by shops, Pro-Teams and customers
note: We are located in Girona, SPAIN
(updated 29.09.22)
 12th December 2022

I was gobsmacked when local cycling legend, rider of the Tour de France and Vuleta España (and local bike-shop owner), Jordi Fortià knocked on my door asking me to make him a bag...

I honestly felt like I had finally been accepted here in Girona after four hard years!

As his cheap-and-cheerful, but well-used little manbag was now falling apart; he asked if I could replicate it in my own materials and unique details and the result was a real pleasure to work on!

I used Vittoria CORSA tubulars, inner-tube, a ripstop-lining, chunky nylon zipper, and a wheel-magnet combined with a chain-link for the closure to complete the picture.

If you'd like something like this for yourself - contact us to place an order!

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