buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre belts
buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre belts

Welcome to the home of BUCK!T upcycled bicycle tyre accessories...

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" W e ' l l   t u r n  y o u r   r u b b i s h . . . . . i n t o  w e a r a b l e   a r t ! "
All of our products feature upcycled bicycle tires and tubulars that have been donated by shops, Pro-Teams and customers
note: We are located in Girona, SPAIN

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(updated 19.03.21)

Every thing you produce is awesome; can't get enough! - Nick Lomman

 10th May 2021

Jayson of Gravel Cyclist has given our UWminiBARbag his #nobullshit review

This "ultra-wide" miniBARbag (a popular size amongst pro-riders and people with smaller frames / less clearance to the front tyre); is made from one of Jayson's own Panaracer GravelKing brown/black tyres, that he rode on trips to Australia.

See the bag put through it's paces, placed on the scale (yes, it's lighter than you think!), filled to the max' and put to the bump-and-rattle test on a gravel-ride!

Follow Gravel Cyclist's instagram and YOUtube feeds for all the latest product reviews; and also look out for an exciting collaboration from us with Panaracer...

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