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buckit belts - upcycled bicycle tyre belts

Welcome to the home of BUCK!T upcycled bicycle tyre accessories...

We'd love to hear from you - please contact us to arrange a drop-off . . . 
" W e ' l l   t u r n  y o u r   r u b b i s h . . . . . i n t o  w e a r a b l e   a r t ! "
All of our products feature upcycled bicycle tires and tubulars that have been donated by shops, Pro-Teams and customers
The city of Girona o the River Onyar
As featured at:
(updated 28.11.19)
H A N D S L I N G  vs  B U C K ! T
 December 2019
In light of the utterly devastating fires in Adelaide
BUCK!T will donate 50% of ALL online sales in the next three months to a variety of charities*

Christmas came early this year, thanks to Simon Whiten of HANDSLING Bikes!!

A project of some 5 months in the making, this frame was the first 58cm version of Handsling's A10evo aero-disc-frame to come out of the factory, and was custom painted with colours and a design that I selected, including a line of Català on the top-tube to express my feelings on people's rights to freedom of choice.

More than just my first completely new bicycle in 12 years; this project sits at the overlapping point between my world as a designer/maker for BUCK!T and my personal world as a life-long cyclist: CRAIGridesBIKESinGIRONA

I probably wrote it best the first time (which the app lost!); and still better the second time than I would here, so pop over to my instagram feed to read the full post...

BUCK!T team-issue MICROcard wallet
a MICROwallet at Gruppetto Café
We will donate to the following charities on your behalf when you purchase from us in Jan, Feb & Mar 2020:

Bendigo Bank Bushfires Disaster Appeal (Endorsed by Victoria State Government)
Support for fallen firefighters' families
Kangaroo Island Relief Fund (Official Fund designated by the Mayor of KI)
South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management (SAVEM)