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5th August 2013
Also at Whippet's Workshop

Whippet's Workshop now stock BUCK!T belts. Why not pop into their airy little shop in Stepney, have a coffee in the sunshine and see what else they have to offer.


Although we couldn't make it over ourselves, BUCK!T belts made a sneaky appearance at the Tour de France this year, thanks to Patrick Jonker, our belt-ambassador for the 100th tour.


Maybe next year we can have the winner wearing a BUCK!T belt...?

Thanks for all the support!

Lot's of tweet-ing...
21st August 2013
Busy in the workshop this week!

While the weather continued to be rather variable (this photo was taken during a rare sunny-patch!) we've been busy on the latest batch of belts.


These were destined for E for Ethel in Melbourne Street, North Adelaide who will now be stocking BUCK!T belts. We're very proud to have been accepted at Ethel's, as all of their products are "handmade, Australian and sustainable" so they fit right in with our green thinking.

Doubling as a coffee shop (with tasty eats too), 

E for Ethel sells a wide variety of handmade items that would make great gifts for the people you care about

. . . or perhaps just for yourself, because you deserve it! 

click here for their site...
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